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Adult Protective Services CORE: Assessing Risk
Adult Protective Services CORE: Case Planning
Adult Protective Services CORE: Collaboration in APS
Adult Protective Services CORE: Dynamics of Elder Abuse
Adult Protective Services CORE: Initial Investigation: Taking the First Step
Adult Protective Services CORE: Laws and Regulations
Adult Protective Services CORE: Professional Communication Skills
Advanced Interviewing Skills for the Helping Professional
An Overview of Heroin and Opiate Addiction
Assessing Adult Protective Services Clients Decision Making Capacity
Assisting Those with Economic Hardships Find and Retain Employment
Attitude and Customer Service
Attitude, Ethics & Customer Service
Avoiding ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts)
Basic Counseling Skills
Building Client Responsibility, Motivation and Initiative
Calming the Chaos: Keeping Your Cool When Things Get Hot!
Caseworker Interviewing, Problem Solving and Crisis Intervention
Chronic Pain and Addiction
Civil Rights
Civil Rights Compliance: Respecting Their Rights
Coaching Your Clients to Success
Communicating Customer Service
Communicating with Confidence
Communication Enhancement
Conducting and Conveying Performance Appraisals
Conducting Safe Home Visits
Conflict Management for Case Managers
Creative Compromise: Conflict Management for Caseworkers
Cultural Issues in Domestic Violence
Cultural Sensitivity and Competence
Culturally Sensitive Interviewing Skills
Culture of Disrespect
Customer Service: Dealing with Difficult Customers
Dealing with Difficult Customers
Dealing with Toxic Co-workers
Delving into Elder Sexual Abuse
Diogenes Syndrome and Hoarding Disorder in the Elderly
Domestic Violence in Later life
Domestic Violence: From Victim to Survivor
Emotional Intelligence Matters: People and Interpersonal Relationship Skills
Empowering the New Poor: Understanding Poverty from a Strengths Based Prospective
Engaging the Customer to Enhance Case Management Outcomes
Ethical Dilemmas, Difficult Life Decisions
Ethics Are Forever
Everyday Ethics for Human Service Workers
Everyday Ethics: Managing Your Moral Compass
From Confrontation to Collaboration
Gangs Clicks and Crews
Heart Saver First Aid & CPR/AED
Helping the Poor Find and Keep A Job
Increasing Team Cooperation
Interpersonal Conflict: Working with Difficult Behaviors in Professional Settings
Leadership Series Module 1: Making the Transition to Management
Leadership Series Module 2: Planning
Leadership Series: Module 3 Organization
Leadership Series: Module 4 Staffing
Leadership Series: Module 5 Directing
Leadership Series: Module 6 Monitoring & Evaluating
Loss and Grief
Make the Right Decision
Motivational Interviewing
Never Be Lied To Again
Never Be Lied To Again Part 2: Still Being Lied To?
Over the Line: Ethics & Boundary Issues in Social Media and the Real World
Overview of Mental Health and Mental Illness
Positive Assertiveness Skills
Positive Attitude, Customer Service and Ethics (P.A.C.E)
Prescription Pain Pills and Heroin Hurt
So You Want to be a Supervisor
Stress and Coping Skills for APS and Social Service Workers
Stress and Coping Skills: Leadership Survival Skills
Supervising Challenging Employees
Team Building for Results
Teaming with the Aggressive Client
The Art of Listening and Confronting Conflict
The Basics of Adult Guardianship in Ohio
The Culture of Disrespect
The Nature of Privilege
The Ten Lenses
Time and Stress Management
Turn Out the Burn Out
Understanding Dementia and its Impact on the Elderly
Understanding Human Behavior
Understanding the Opiate Epidemic and Treating the Opiate Addict
Utilizing Motivational Interviewing as an Evidenced Based Treatment Technique
Verbal De-escalation of Aggressive Clients and Customers
Web of Chemical Dependency
When Should Guardianship Be Our Choice?
Working with Self-Neglecting Clients